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Solarvent - Solar Water Heaters

Solarvent - Solar Water Heaters
Solarvent - Solar Water Heaters
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SOLARVENT offers a range of solar heaters for low pressure as well as high pressure water supplies. Our products carry the DIN CERTCO (011-7S261 R) as well as CE and ISO 9001 marks.

They could be either used as pre-heaters to existing geysers or as direct solar water heaters for domestic systems.

It is a very sound principle to use as much solar energy as possible so save on your monthly energy bill. During summer months there is an abundance of solar energy available.

The solar heater consists of an energy collector (vacuum tubes) and stainless steel tank with 55 mm polyurethane insulation, which is a close-coupled (integral) design. The tank is made from AISI 304 2B food grade stainless steel, and welded together by an argon arc process. The glass tubes are sealed off with silicone rubber seals where they fit into the tank. The collector converts about 93 % of the solar energy into hot water. Due to the excellent insulation of the tank and tubes, the heat emission coefficient is only 6 %.

The life expectancy of the tubes could be up to 15 years and are designed to withstand hail stones of up to 40 mm in diameter.

A galvanized and powder coated steel frame supports the collector and tank. Stainless steel frames are available for coastal regions at additional costs.

During the winter months the harvest is actually modest and if a few days of rainy weather prevails, your bath water temperature may be not ideal. To avoid this inconvenience, it is advised to install an electrical element with a thermostatic switch. The water tank may optionally be fitted with an electrical heating element of 1500 W to assist with heating in case of prolonged overcast weather. A 1-1/4” BSP socket is available in the tank for the standard element/thermostatic switch available locally.


When little water is used during summer, the water in the tank may boil; therefore it is advisable to test the water temperature before using it. To prevent boiling during the summer months, a shade net may be used to cover the collector partially to reduce the solar energy absorption.